Reach EP

by Shadows of Home

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Ryan Graham
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Ryan Graham Fantastic christian indie album, it radiates this nostalgic feeling along with a 'cool' eerie if you will. As a fan of indie music, I look forward to your future work. Favorite track: Siren's Song.
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This is my first EP, a collection of six songs mainly dealing with the relationship between man and God. I hope you enjoy it.


released October 10, 2016

All songs written, and recorded by Phil DuCap



all rights reserved


Shadows of Home Bancroft, Michigan

Hey everybody, I'm Phil and I'm the sole member of Shadows of Home. I play shoegaze, with a focus on bluesy guitar soloing. Check out the EP all the cool kids are doing it!

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Track Name: Regret
Exhaustion is familiar, in my failure to be what I should be
Running backwards toward you, you think i'd see the truth

Regrets the friend I want to leave, hollowing me out with memories
of all the vows that I've never kept
Track Name: Siren's Song
Where are all the good things I was promised?
Where's the payoff the end of my emptiness?
Was it just a siren's song all this time?
Was the top just the bottom of a pit of empty dreams?

I was always told to be a part of this world to do the things it said,
but I just stand here now with these doubts swirling in my head.
I think that life may not really be living and I think that death may not really be dying,
When what we're dying to is ourselves, the selfishness within our hearts.
Track Name: Reach
My hands reach up to heaven
Like a tree reaching for the sun

I'm just lookin' for a little hope to take with me
The day after I die

I can hear the peal of thunder
Rolling in the distance

It moves through me
Like all my doubts and fears
Track Name: The Shadows We Cast
For so long I drifted on the dark waters with only fleeting hope
and an emptiness that's greater than words can say

Still I told myself I can do this I can right the ship
I can calm my own storms I am strong enough

We all want to ignore the depths to which we really sink
We claim freedom but we imprison ourselves
With excuses and self deception going the way that seems right
All the while are ships are sinking down

I have seen the shadows that we cast
And I have felt the sorrow that we cause
God have mercy on our souls
God deliver us from this
I try to find the answers within myself
But in the end I just end up lost at sea

For so long I drifted on the dark waters
With only fleeting hope
And an emptiness that's greater than words can say

But now I see I can't do this I can't right the ship
God calm my storms 'cause I'm not strong enough
Track Name: Eyes of Reckless Love
Oh God, sometimes I'm so scared
Terrified, to face the day
Oh God, sometimes I don't believe
In the love, that you have for me

Oh God sometimes you seem so far away
and your peace just seems so escape me
I thank you that you understand distance
no one ever traveled farther than the cross

But I know in due time you're gonna lift me up
That my anxieties can be cast on you
i could never in sin in such a way
To ever make you, turn your face away

Every path, seems filled
With shadows
and as I walk, they just seem
to grow
I can feel them creepin' up
crrepin' up around my feet
God don't lose sight, don't lose sight
of me

Show us that, when the shadows grow
that your light remains ever present still
Show me that your eyes are filled, with nothin' but
Your reckless love for me
Track Name: Returns For the Heart
Do you feel alone?
Like you don't have a home?
Do ever ask yourself, Is there anyplace I belong?

Do you feel like the sum
of every bad thing you've done?
Do you just wanna run from your thoughts tonight?

Do you ever ask yourself
is their more to life than this?
Do you ever wonder
are these years all I have?

Day in and day out
I just can't make sense of
all these things i chase they leave me feelin' empty
and when I 'm dead and gone
will they be the mark
Of a life people said was successful?

Or will people see
the scars my life left on me
in my vain pursuit to be my own God?
And then will people learn
that all these things for which I yearned
Have no returns for your heart?

I got some new for you
God himself died for you
he's given you a place
where we all surely belong
he'll never leave you alone in the dark of the night
In him is more life
then you'll ever dare to believe
In him all things truly are made new